Why does my Dog Lick me so Much?

You are just back from holiday and the very first thing you do is to prepare yourself for being licked so much by your darling dog. It probably sounds weird when your dog is trying to show their affection to you by licking you as much as he or she can. It is true but not really. Licking is a complicated action that any dogs can have, for various purposes. It makes sense if you know what your dog is trying to telling you to treat him properly.

He Wants to Taste You
The very first thing that anyone can think of to explain why their dog licks them so much is the taste. It is simple to understand that we all like to lick and even kiss something or someone if it tastes good. You can notice this when your dog finishes his bowl.

Another interesting to know is that your skin is slightly full of salt, and for sure your puppies enjoy it so much.

He Misses Something
The thing is that when dogs are licking, they are communicating also with each other. Some things dogs are delivering are like ‘I’m hungry’, ‘Let’s be friends’, or ‘I submit this to you’. And the same with their friends, humans are also licked. They are trying to say something to you and normally it is a way of passing the message that something is missing.

One advice for you as dog lovers is to look around and find something if your dogs lick you intensely. Usually it can be that your dog’s bowl is empty, the door is closed, or he needs some food and water.

He Expresses Love on You
This is the most popular reason why dogs lick humans. On licking, he tries to build a close bond with you. This is the same with cat. Your dogs will probably lick you so much after you coming back from holiday or some business trips

If you do not like your puppy’s affection action by facially licking, you can train him by ignoring him whenever he licks you. Repeat this and walk to other places and he will understand that his licking leads to your moving away, which is definitely not what he wants.

He Says “It’s Feeding Time”
It’s close to feeding time and your dog licks you. It should be the sign of asking for food or their meal. This is from the fact that dogs usually lick their mother’s mouths when reaching the age – stopping mother milk and starting with solid food. This is for informing their mother that they would like to be fed.

He Seeks Your Attention
In case you are crowded with so many people and he starts to lick you, it probably means that he wants your attention. This is quite lovely when he tries to say to you like “Hey, I’m here and come to play with me.”

He Respects You
Licking humans is also a cute way to show respect to their owners. It is interesting that wild dogs use face licking to communicate respect for their leader. Therefore, it can be understood that your dog might be acknowledging you as the dominant pack leader when he licks you.

He Investigates You
A dog may lick you just because he wants to ascertain your feelings. They utilize some receptors within their mouth and nose to analyze and process, scented molecules existing in human sweat. Through such information, he can know whether you are under stress or are happy.

If you are a big dog person, you definitely know why your dog licks you so much. It can be love, pleasure, investigation, attention or even respect depending on situations. What you probably like to do is to notice when, where and how he licks you, which really makes sense to treat your dog as your favorite pet. Some tips for you if you don’t like your dog to lick you is to train or teach him. Dogs as well as some other dogs learn very fast. If you repeat your reactions to him, for example going away, keeping silent, or even yelling at him, he surely understand that you will do that whenever he licks you.