Take the effort out of cleaning your cats litter box

Litter box self cleaning is the way of the future for all cat owners. While some of us still use the scoop once a day to dispose of our cats unwanted mess the self cleaning option requires a lot less maintenance and more benefits then you probably know.

From a human health standpoint it is best to take some precautions when near your cat is litter box. Especially if you are pregnant or have an immune deficiency disorder you should steer clear of your cats litter box.

Cat feces can carry bacteria and eggs of parasites that can cause health issues in humans. While this is not always the case, it is a non-required risk that no one should really take. The solution? Keep you cat is litter box clean. And the easiest way to do that is to use a litter box self cleaning. That way you never need to hands on touch the litter or scoop it again yourself.

Using a litter box self cleaning is healthier for your cat
When the self cleaning litter box first came to the market there were many concerns regarding more then one cat using the same box, or cats not accepting it the same way they did their old box. While there are still some finicky cats the majority (including mine) have adopted to it quite well. The fear with multiple cats using the box is gone now as well. Once a cat uses the box a 10 minute timer is set before it cycles, if another cat re-enters the box that timer resets again so there is no chance of a cat being harmed.
Litter Maid Automatic Litter Box ML 920

A large capacity litter box solution that works automatically to stay clean and odor free.

The other option for a litter box self cleaning is anon-mechanical self cleaning box. One that uses a screen to separate the waste from the litter. This can sometimes be less intimidating for the cat because there are no robotic noises, and they are available with a cover. A good example is

Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Now if your cat won not use a litter box without a cover, but you want the convince of the litter maid self cleaning box, check out this new Tent cover for the litter maid unit. This encloses the box so your cat has their privacy, but at the same time you are taking advantage of the cleanliness benefits of the Litter maid unit.


You can not go wrong with a litter box self cleaning. It is cleaner, less time consuming, and better for your cat. I would never go back to a regular litter box again!