Some of the Health Problems Associated With Bulldogs

Bulldog is very easy to identify among the various other species of dogs. Usually you will find it to be very calm and not full of energy. However, they are very loyal and friendly. Sometimes you may find them to be too stubborn, but they are quite affectionate towards children and can easily bond with the family members.

They have a very distinctive appearance and good personality. Hence, they are always associated with everything that is British and also liked by many people all over the world. However, due to human intervention in the breeding of bulldogs plenty of health issues have developed, which every dog buyer must know.

Longevity of Bulldog

The average life span of bulldog is not very impressive and generally they live between 8 to 12 years. However, due to various health issues that have developed over a period of time, many bulldogs cannot survive for longer life span.

Caesarean delivery

Because of the size and shape of their head, it is very difficult for bulldogs to have natural birth. Therefore, almost 80 per cent of bulldogs are delivered with the help of caesarean section. Those delivered through natural process need to be very carefully monitored during labor to avoid any problem. Otherwise, it could result in the death of either the bitch or the puppy.

Hip dyspepsia

As per the data available with the British Veterinary Association and various other statistics, around 70 per cent of bulldogs are affected by hip dyspepsia, which can cause various problems.

Patellae luxuriation

Around 6 per cent dogs of this breed suffer from this problem. Due to this, the mobility of the dog will be affected and they will suffer from excessive pain. In most of the cases, dogs may undergo surgical treatment and this problem reoccurs even after the operation.

Cleaning of facial folds

Due to their wrinkled face they may trap dirt and moisture, which may create sores and infections. Therefore, their skin folds need to be regularly cleaned and dried thoroughly, which is generally not needed for other breeds of dog.

Respiration problem

Due to their wrinkled face and short nostrils most of the bulldogs suffer from respiration problem due to which they either snore or breathe with open mouth. This problem also needs surgical treatment.

Taking care during hot weather

Because of their build up bulldogs are prone to overheating. Therefore, they need extra care during summer months. They should always be kept in cool atmosphere and must always have access to cool water source.

Weight problem

Due to their muscular built they are likely to gain weight very easily. Due to overweight they may develop heart and lung problem during old age. Therefore, they must be given regulated diet and also proper exercises.

Cherry eye

Quite often bulldogs develop cherry eye problem, which may need surgical treatment. Bull dogs are more prone to this problem as compared to other breeds.