Grain Free Dog Food Healthy Lifestyle

Grain-Free Dog Food Healthy Lifestyle.

Dogs are sometimes more similar to humans than generally thought, especially when it comes to eating and the types of foods that they consume. People suffer from all different types of food allergies and can’t eat certain things, even grain-based products.

Grain-free dog food is generally much higher quality and provides more nutritional value for your dog than the standard food that is sold on most shelves. These types of dog food usually include only meat, vegetables, protein, and fish without using any grains. This could be a godsend to dogs who have problems digesting grain-based foods and will make their owners happy as well.

Dogs that aren’t affected as much by grain-based food can be served small amounts every day, but it is not wise to serve them too much at any given time.

Grain-based food is filler products that dog food companies sell because they are much cheaper to produce. Grain-free dog food usually costs more because ingredients are more expensive, mostly meat-based, and thus is passed on to the consumer buying the products. If you are serving your dog grains, you may need to supplement his or her diet with additional proteins and minerals that aren’t available in much lower quality food. This can be important to ensure your dog maintains a healthy diet.

Many dogs have bad stomach sensitivity and intolerance to the grain. There are different levels of being allergic, but if you notice any signs of sickness from eating certain foods, immediately bring your dog to get tested by the veterinarian. He or she may suggest you try to feed your dog grain-free dog food to analyze the results. If you see a positive change in your dog’s reaction to the consumption of the food, it would be recommended to continue serving the same food.

When purchasing any type of food, whether it’s grain-free dog food or some other specialty, make sure it meets the standards of AAFCO Dog Nutrient Profiles for all life stages. AAFCO is like the FDA, asserting control over testing and ensuring that certain types of feed are safe for feeding various animals including pets. If these standards are not met, generally dog food manufacturers are not allowed to produce and sell these products. In addition, store owners wouldn’t necessarily want to sell a sub-standard product to their customers.

All in all, grain-free dog food helps your dog lead a healthy lifestyle, improves health overall, and is just better quality when it comes down to it. You want the best for your dog and by feeding him or her with superior food, you’ll ensure that he or she will be happy and show appreciation towards you.