Cat food dispenser the best way to ensure your furry friend always has food

Is a cat food dispenser right for you and your cat?

Do you find yourself going away for a weekend or away for work and worrying about feeding your cat? Then a dispenser could be a solution to your problem!

With free feeding becoming more and more common because of today is busy families, a pet food dispenser is the ideal solution to allow your cat to feed on demand.

How does a cat food dispenser work?
Most cat food dispensers work with gravity. They hold a given amount of dry cat food and as the cat eats it refills itself. A simple concept, but much easier then calling your best friend to come over on Saturday afternoon to give kitty two scoops and fresh water!
The major difference from model to model is the amount of food the dispenser can hold. Some are designed for everyday use, while others are specifically designed for less maintenance over time.

A unit like:Fresh Flow Gravity Feeder by Pet mate

Gravity flow feeder ensures your cat will always have a supply of fresh dry food available.

Now while this may work fine for your cat especially if it is older (older cats tend to naturally eat several smaller meals each day rather then two large feedings) if your cat is younger it may be better to have an electronically controlled automatic feeder.

These units regulate the amount of dry cat food available to your pet over the day therefore not allowing your cat to gorge herself all day long while you are away!

A feeder like:Fresh Flow Electronic Feeder by Pet mate

This electronic feeder regulates the flow of dry food to ensure there’s always some available. Requires four “AA” batteries or AD adapter (not included).

Will regulate a steady stream of food throughout the day.

With 2 lbs of dry food your cat should be good to go for quite sometime. Now if we are considering leaving our cat with this much food for a couple of days it would be ideal if we ensure she has enough fresh water was well. A great item to consider along with any automatic feeder is Fountain water bowl.

These items circulate water through the bowl to ensure it stays fresh for longer. Generally a filter device will clean out any impurities in the water, and then cycle through enough to the bowl to ensure there is always enough. Cat is have the option of drinking from their standard water style bowl, or from the steady stream that flows through from the filter.

Fresh Flow Fountain by Pet mate

Translucent reservoir holds 50 ounces and lets you easily monitor the water level.

So we have looked at a winning combination for a cat food dispenser and water fountain, now we will briefly touch on what options are there for automatic wet food feedings.

While this does not offer the same versatility as a Dispenser and free feeding it does allow for your cat to get both wet and dry food.

A great example is the Pet Safe auto feeder:

Pet Safe 2-Meal Auto Feeder By Radio Systems

No matter what you choose to serve up your pets meals it is important to keep in mind that you should not over feed your cat. The products mentioned in this article offer great options for feedings it is always good to mix up the routine every once and awhile.