Canned cat food is your cat getting a well rounded diet?

It is important that your cat gets a mix of canned cat food and dry food for a balanced diet. Why you ask? Well that is what we are about to discuss glad you asked.

Cat owners take different sides when it comes to the discussion of a cats diet. Some feed only dry food, some feed just canned cat food, and of course others a little of both. Is one better then the other. Under certain situations yes. There have been cases where cats are allergic to dry food (normally and ingredient not the food itself) so wet food is not an option, and of course the other way around holds true as well. But as a rule of thumb it is best to feed your cats a combination of the two.

Benefits of canned cat food
Canned cat food generally offers cats a closer diet to what they would eat in the wild. If your furry friend was not domesticated but rather ran wild she had prey on small rodents etc. and be a carnivore. So a wet cat food is closer to the same composition as a raw diet.
Secondly the moisture that is already contained inside canned cat food helps keep your cat hydrated. Many cat is dislike drinking water, and if they are on a diet of solely dry food this is not good for your pet. Can lead to liver problems, dehydration or worse. By feeding your cat canned food they are able to take in some water no matter what. This is not to suggest that your cat does not need to drink water if they eat wet food, just that it is a step in the right direction.

What canned cat food should you purchase?
When considering different canned foods the first thing is to check the product ingredients. Like dry cat food many department store brands will contain carbohydrate fillers such as corn or maize byproducts. As we mentioned above in nature cats are carnivores, they require little if any grains or greens so why would we feed them to our domesticated cats?
The other issue with fillers is that cats eat until they have the amount of nutrients they wanted from that meal. So if we have food A a department store brand and food B a quality vet recommended brand depending on the percentage of fillers in A it is possible your cat may want to eat a third to twice as much. So the price difference between the two is negligible.

Purchasing foods with small amounts of fillers, and more meat is the best rule. Stick with well known brands such as Hills Science Diet, Walt hams, Eukaryota etc. They have built a brand for themselves in the market place and intend on keeping their level of recognized quality.

Also watch for the AFC (Association of American Feed Control Officials) logo on cans. When a company meets the required constraints for this designation they tend to continually put out quality products.

A couple of recommended canned cat foods to consider for a regular adult cats are:

Science Diet Savory Cuts Feline Maintenance

Helps preserve adult cats’ good health.

Rams Cat Formula in Cans

A great taste your cat will love.

There are lots of variations to diets available with canned cat food. Generally speaking about every producer of canned wet food has come up with a diet formula to treat overweight, liver issues, hairballs etc. It is really up to your vet to recommend what is best for your cat!