5 Ways Your Cat Can Lend A Paw At Home

Heads up: If you are looking for 5 innovative ways to get your cat to operate the dishwasher, to open doors for you or to hoot for you at a game you are playing, get ready to be terribly disappointed. This one is about the health benefits you get by owning a cat.

1-Reducing carbon footprint

Well, we all own cats because we love them. We hardly look at what “benefit” they bring us. This is one piece where you can feel grateful towards your purring pals. As opposed to other pets, cats definitely leave a smaller carbon footprint over the years. Of course, we are comparing dogs here. While cats leave a footprint of a small hatchback over their lifetime, their canine counterparts leave a footprint equal to a land cruiser.

2-Reduction of stress

Well, most folks would argue dogs and other pets help too. It totally depends on whether you are an introvert or an extrovert. If you are more of an introverted person, cats are your go-to animals. Even if you don’t own a cat (Cats Patrol), there are cat clinics in many countries where you can pet a ‘purr’fect animal. In one video, Kim Dao, the Vietnamese YouTube sensation from Australia shows us how Japanese folks cope with stress at designated cat clinics.

3-Sleeping better

Though this may come as an annoying revelation for many folks, your partner likes sleeping with his/her cat than with you on most (hold it grumpy!), okay, some days. But you can rejoice at the fact that this can really rejuvenate your partner to spend more quality time with you.

4-Identifying potential partners

Having a pet is definitely a great attraction to the opposite gender. The way you treat them implicitly states how you treat a loved one. (Cats look at their owner like their moms, so you better provide them everything). People feel folks who have cats are more modest and straightforward. One might conjecture that this is because cats can hold their own and people who can respect that are probably better partners because they appreciate the personal space of the other person.

5-Saving Lives

Needless to say, many pets save lives (literally sometimes). On board the HMS Amethyst in 1949, there is a certain cat named Simon which prevented the folks on the ship from starving. Of course by catching all the rats on the ship and thereby saving the food supply. Those on board the ship, including the cat, were severely injured. Yet, the cat did its duty and thereby received the highest medal of honor for military animals.